Angela Lai

German to English Medical Translator

The learning of languages played a role early on.

I bring a thirst for knowledge and a passion for languages to my work.

I continue to discover how language works.

  • Translation
  • Copy-Editing
  • Qualification
  • Further Education
  • German was my mother tongue. Latin formed the basis of my language studies at school which also included English and French. From an early age I had the benefit of native speakers learning both modern languages. Moving to the UK to train as a designer, I switched to English and while I comfortably move between languages, I now consider English to be my first language.
  • While living and working in Hong Kong as export marketing officer to a carpet manufacturer,
    I liaised with German distributors and represented the company at trade fairs in Paris and Frankfurt.
  • As a qualified instructor, I taught German language classes at beginners’ and intermediate level in Community Adult Education in Australia before turning to freelance translation and writing articles on the subject of language.
  • I continue to update my French language skills because I feel that the more languages I study, the deeper will be my understanding of how language works.
  • I use memoQ software.
  • I am a contributor of translations of medical texts for a medical research library and assist with the proof-reading of randomised controlled trial results. Many of these are written by scientists whose first language is not English. I also copy-edit educational medical texts.
  • I continually update my writing and editing skills.
National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreters (NAATI): accreditation German > English (NAATI Translator No CPN6FL84B) 2007
‘AUSIT webinar: ‘Meaning-based translating and interpreting’ AUSIT 2019
‘AUSIT webinar: ‘Ethics in the age of intelligent machines’ AUSIT 2019
‘AUSIT webinar: ‘Familiarisation with Two More Medical Specialities’ AUSIT 2017
‘AUSIT Mini Conference’ Brisbane AUSIT 2017
‘AUSIT webinar: ‘Familiarisation with Two Medical Specialities’ AUSIT 2016
‘AUSIT Mini Conference’ Brisbane AUSIT 2016
‘AUSIT Mini Conference’ Brisbane AUSIT 2015
‘Terminology Research and Corpora’ workshop AUSIT 2015
‘Clinical Trials and Medical Documentation’ webinar ProZ 2015
‘Five Keys to Effective Search of High-End Clients for a Translator’ webinar ProZ 2015
‘The A to Z of Freelance Translation’ course NYA 2014
‘NAATI Revalidation for Translators and Interpreters’ workshop AUSIT 2014
‘AUSIT Biennial Conference’ Brisbane AUSIT 2014
‘Revised Code of Ethics’ workshop AUSIT 2013
‘Translation Theory’ workshop AUSIT 2013
‘AUSIT Mini Conference’ Brisbane AUSIT 2013
‘Ethics Theory’ workshop AUSIT 2012
‘Ethics in the Legal System’ workshop AUSIT 2012
‘Ethics in Health’ workshop AUSIT 2012
‘Queensland Mini Conference’ AUSIT 2012
‘CAT Tools’ workshop AUSIT 2012
‘Freelancing’ webinar AUSIT 2011
‘Legal’ webinar AUSIT 2011
‘Documentation and Information Research’ AUSIT 2010
‘Workshop’ AUSIT 2008
‘Queensland Mini Conference’ AUSIT 2007

Did you know?

In previous life I was…

a carpet designer. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Carpet Design and have designed carpets for restaurants, banks, hotels, yachts and nightclubs, and I would like nothing better than to combine my passion for language with my love of art and design in a translation.

I once translated
  • an article on colour theory
  • an article on Chinese carpets