A qualified translator
specialised in medical translations.

My name is Angela Lai.

I was born and raised in Germany but have spent all my adult life in English-speaking countries such as the UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

Apart from being a professional German to English translator, I also have many years of experience as a clinical coder and have translated hospital patient diagnoses and treatments into coded language to capture clinical data required by governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) for statistical and epidemiological purposes.

When working with me you can be sure that…

I accurately translate the meaning of your German text into English without adding or omitting anything.

I meticulously research your subject matter to find the correct terminology.

With sensitivity to different cultures, I am able to convey the message in the appropriate wording, style and register.

To achieve this, I draw on 14 years of experience as a translator and continually update my language skills and medical knowledge.

I reliably meet deadlines and assure you of absolute confidentiality of the documents you trust me with.


I am a professional translator German > English certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) (www.naati.com.au) (Translator no CPN6FL84B)

I am a member of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) (www.ausit.org) which is the national association for the translating and interpreting profession that fosters professional development and cooperation among its members who abide by the AUSIT Code of Ethics

I am also a member of ProZ (www.proz.com), an international forum and market place
for language professionals and their clients

as well as a member of the Cochrane Collaboration (www.cochrane.org).